Integrated geological and geophysical research on Lava effusion in Ziarat, Balochistan, Pakistan

Asif Nazeer Rana, Muhammad Saeed, Mehtab Ur Rahman, Syed Ali Abbas


The geological and tectonic legacy of Balochistan has endowed it with massive mountain belts and arcs, syntaxes as characterized by severe bending of the mountain belts from the ongoing convergence of the Indo-Pakistan, Eurasian and Arabian plates. The Province is a seismically active and tectonically unstable region. The eruptive/effusive vent activity on 27th January 2010 at the Tor Zawar Mountain at Sari, Ziarat is a unique testimony, substantiating the earlier risk/hazard findings of the area, as no previous post-Tertiary volcanic activity has ever been reported earlier in the history of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. Integrated geological and geophysical surveys were undertaken during January-April 2010 to investigate the short lived toothpaste lava to map, detect and delineate the changes resulting in the sub surface litho logical and structural disposition at the vent site. A holistic approach is adopted for the interpretation and analyses of the Total magnetic field intensity, Electrical resistivity and
Ground penetration radar surveys along with the geology, petrography and the geochemical analyses of the molten material, which are presented along with a probable model. 


Lava effusion, Ziarat, Balochistan, magnetic survey, Ground Penetrating Radar

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